Taking Care of Fido When You Go: Joan Winograd

You probably have someone who watches your pets when you go on a trip. A dogsitter, the neighborhood kid. But what about when you go on the FINAL trip…when you die? Your family may have promised to take Fido, but are they just saying that to keep you happy? Maybe you’ve made a will to say who gets your mom’s bracelet…but what about taking care of your pets when you go? Joan Winograd of the Humane Society of the United States talks about the best ways to take care of your pet, even after you’re gone.

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Renewing Relationships: Rhoda Mills Sommer

If you finish your lover’s sentences, that can be a good thing. But if you’re finding those sentences boring, it maybe time to refresh your relationship. If you’ve been with the same old lover, spouse or partner for what seems like forever, you’re probably ready for a relationship renewal. Therapist and podcaster Rhoda Mills Sommer talks with us about how to beat the boredom with an old relationship.


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Traveling Solo Over 50

How often do you travel on your own? Have you EVER traveled on your own, or do you always need to be part of a couple or a group?  Jennifer Buchholz, the founder of Transform via Travel, provides community support and resources for midlife American solo women travelers. You may find that if you pack your bags for a trip all on your own, you let go of some of that emotional baggage! Solo travel on Keep it Juicy!


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Sex Over 50

Sex. How often, how your body changes, how your libido changes and how sex after 50 can be your best yet, despite all that. Sex therapist Jessa Zimmerman talks about what we know about sex and what we just think we know. Sex – oh, yeah, we go there on Keep it Juicy!


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Meet Nathalie Dupree

If you’re a fan of Southern cooking, chances are you’ve heard of Nathalie Dupree. She was Southern cooking before Southern cooking was cool, and if you want to learn how to make biscuits, Nathalie’s your gal. Her cookbooks have sold more than half a million copies, and she’s hosted more than 300 episodes of cooking shows that have aired on PBS, the Learning Channel and the Food Network. She’s written food columns, run a cooking school and been a chef in three restaurants. Plus, she’s run for office. The international organization for women in the food and beverage industries, “Les Dames d’Escoffier,” has named her a Grand Dame. To me, Nathalie is a grand dame…and a friend. She talks to me in her historic Charleston home, a fairy cottage of color, crockery and one mischievous cat. If you want to talk to someone who’s living a juicy life, you have to meet my friend Nathalie Dupree.

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Entrepreneurs Over 50

More and more over-50s are starting a business late in life. Maybe they had a hobby while they were busy with their first careers, and now they want to do that for a living. But do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? Guest Anita Leffel taught entrepreneurship at Texas A&M and is now CEO of Silver Founder Academy, an organization whose mission is to help people 50 and older become business owners. Entrepreneurship today on Keep it Juicy!



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Learning Happiness

Happiness. You might think some people are just born happy and some are just natural downers. But that leaves out the fact that you can actually teach yourself how to be happy. Guest Lisa Avery is a positive psychologist and she talks with us about what happiness really is, and how we can achieve it even if we aren’t born optimists. Happiness, on Keep it Juicy!

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Writing to Resilience

You might thing Stacy Brookman would be the last person to talk about resilience. Stacy  was married to and divorced from a sociopath. A lot of people call their exes sociopaths, but this is the real deal. Stacy talks about the harrowing experiences of that marriage and about how writing saved her life. Writing your way to resilience on Keep it Juicy!

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When Your Boss is Younger…

You see it all the time in the movies. The older worker gets a younger boss and…boom…the older worker is out. The truth is, Generation Y is moving into leadership roles, and we’d better get ready to work and think differently. Guest Bonnie Hagemann talks with us about how to work with a younger boss – and how this generation may be better suited for leadership. Bonnie is the CEO of Executive Development Associates and you may have seen her in Forbes, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, or the Financial Times. When your boss is way younger than you are, on Keep it Juicy!

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Retirement Roomies

Remember the Golden Girls? Well, having roomies in your golden years – or even your silver years — is becoming more common. Guest Wendi Burkhardt, is CEO of Silvernest, which matches older people with roommates. For some, they need help with the mortgage. Others just want somebody in the house. For many, that roommate is what will let them stay in the home they love. Roomies in retirement on Keep it Juicy.

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