Sharon Middleton McGhee

Sharon Middleton McGhee works for the airport authority in Charleston, and she’s the first African American woman and the first African American director there. She knows that, for people of color, it can be hard to get financing for their business, and she’s out to change that. From her training and years in human resources, Sharon knows it’s all about the relationships you build, from getting a job to getting a loan. Sharon also has some opinions about the removal of the Calhoun statue from Charleston’s Marion Square. Turns out, Sharon’s probably a descendent of the former vice president and slavery apologist. Sharon Middleton McGhee talks on Keep it Juicy!

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Sharon MIddleton McGhee




Mayor’s Wife

Oh, the glamour of being Charleston’s First Lady….maybe that’s why Sandy Tecklenberg sometimes longs to tie on her running shoes and keep running! From the dust-up of the sometimes silly Business Card-Gate to the cold shoulder the City Council gave her, Sandy let’s her hair down about life as the Mayor’s wife and about the hell of the last campaign year. She showed without an entourage and without a filter and showed us that there’s nothing juicier than a woman comfortable in her own skin.

Sandy3 - Version 2

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