Death: The Last Taboo

All too often, it’s a taboo topic.

But Anna Lyons and Louise Winter tackle the taboo head on with their book, We All Know How This Ends. The “this” of their book title is life, and the end of life and death – two very separate things, as it turns out – are what Anna and Louise talk about.

When it comes to the end of life, and to grief for the survivors, there’s no right way to deal with it all. And you don’t have to get through it, you really have to learn to live with it. About the only “wrong” thing you can do is to avoid the whole topic because it makes you uncomfortable.

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Photo by Melissa Rodrigues Photgraphy
Photo by Melissa Rodrigues Photography

Andrea Brandt: Gifts of Loss

We spend our whole lives trying to avoid loss — especially the ultimate loss, death. So we’re talking about death and other losses. Sounds fun, fight?  Well, actually…our return guest, Dr. Andrea Brandt says death is really just a good way to get perspective on life. She says that death…and loss? They’re gifts. And, since you can’t return them, you might as well enjoy them! The gifts of death and loss on Keep it Juicy!

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Living Wills with Hattie Bryant

Return guest, Hattie Bryant, author of I’ll Have It My Way: Taking Control of End-of-Life Decisions, talks living wills. What do you want your life to be life? And more important, what do you want your death to be like? If you want it to be what Hattie calls a “sweet death,” you need to act now by creating a living will. You need to be specific and you need to tell everyone you can what you want your death to be like. Because, without a living will, doctors are going to do everything they can to keep you alive. But you may not like what that life is like.

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