Time Flies with Adrian Bejan

You know how time seems to fly faster the older you get? Well, there’s a scientific reason for that – and there are some pretty easy ways to slow time down, believe it or not. Physicist and engineer Adrian Bejan talks about time and why it seems to race by. Listening to his mind work is fascinating. And the implications for all of us about his study of time? Amazing.

Bejan portrait medal

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Episode 16 – Nancy Colier – Unplugging

When you opened your eyes this morning, how long did it take you to check your email or social media? If you’re like me, the answer is an embarrassing, “Less than 5 minutes.” I get anxious if I feel like things are happening, and I don’t know about them. Today’s guest, psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher Nancy Colier says we have a digital addiction. In her book, “The Power of Off,” Nancy talks about the importance of unplugging. She talks about what’s fueling the addiction and how to kick it, at least long enough to get in touch with yourself.

Mindful Kindness

I try to be present every day – it’s called being mindful. And I certainly try to be kind. But have you ever heard of mindful kindness? Dr. Doug Carnine has made a study of it – and he’s done it with the last people you’d ever think would be mindful OR kind…inmates. Dr. Carnine was at the University of Oregon for 35 years and had a pretty impressive career, including getting a presidential appointment to the National Institute for Literacy. He also became a Buddhist lay minister. After he retired, Doctor Carnine developed a mindful kindness project that includes a prison ministry and a couple of books. He joins me today to talk about how mindful kindness works in real life, and how it can even help you feel younger.

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