The Village Movement

Former Surgeon General Vivek Murphy says that loneliness is a public health issue in this country. In his book, Together, he talks to several people trying to tackle the problem of loneliness in one way or another. One of those people is Kate Hoepke, who heads up the Village Movement in California. The Village Movement is an effort to create a community so people who are old and alone can stay in their own houses and not be so alone.

Hoepke says that a village isn’t a place where you live. It’s a structure that enables people to learn new things and improve the quality of their lives while living at home. And, if you belong to a caring community, you’re much more likely to be able to stay in control of your own life.

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Living in Place with Erik Listou

We talk with Erik Listou from the Living in Place Institute. What’s living in place? It’s staying where you are, rather than having to go to a senior community or assisted living facility. Erik tells us that there are some relatively low-cost things you can do to your home that can keep you safely there…and it doesn’t have to look like an institution. Even if you’re not ready to think about this, your parents might be. Living in Place, with Erik Listou.

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