Evolving Into Monsters

Imagine, if you will, a pale creature from the future. The creature walks on two legs, but it has an outsized posterior. On the back of its neck is a spike. It peers around, seeming unable to see until it puts on large spectacles.

That creature, my friends, is us. And the future is now.

We are evolving into monsters. Science backs it up.

I talk about how our love of all things screen are changing our bodies and whether that evolution can tell us more about each other.

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Tech Dangers

If you find yourself sucked into the online screaming, you’re not alone and, according to J. Scott Christianson, you’re getting sucked in on purpose. Christianson, who says he “was a geek before being a geek was cool,” teaches about artificial intelligence. And, while it can do a whole lot of nifty things, it also is learning our online behavior and doing anything it can to serve up controversy or whatever it takes to keep us on a page and clicking. It serves up information nuggets with the same eye toward addiction that slot machines do. We talk about the dangers of technology with J. Scott Christianson on Keep it Juicy!