In this era of #MeToo and of potential presidential candidates being outed for creepy touching…what do we do about the need for human touch? I’m a hugger. But should I stop? I see both sides of touch on Keep it Juicy!

Human Touch

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When Your Boss is Younger…

You see it all the time in the movies. The older worker gets a younger boss and…boom…the older worker is out. The truth is, Generation Y is moving into leadership roles, and we’d better get ready to work and think differently. Guest Bonnie Hagemann talks with us about how to work with a younger boss – and how this generation may be better suited for leadership. Bonnie is the CEO of Executive Development Associates and you may have seen her in Forbes, Fast Company, The Wall Street Journal, or the Financial Times. When your boss is way younger than you are, on Keep it Juicy!

Bonnie Hagemann_Headshot