Mindful Relationships/Nancy Colier

Psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher Nancy Colier talks about mindful relationships.  You might think that being mindful in a relationship is just about paying attention to your mate…and it is…but it’s also about paying attention to yourself and the thoughts and emotions you bring to the partnership. Nancy talks about how to show up and how to deal with a really bad day — and  how to leave yourself open for the butterflies of love.



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Renewing Relationships: Rhoda Mills Sommer

If you finish your lover’s sentences, that can be a good thing. But if you’re finding those sentences boring, it maybe time to refresh your relationship. If you’ve been with the same old lover, spouse or partner for what seems like forever, you’re probably ready for a relationship renewal. Therapist and podcaster Rhoda Mills Sommer talks with us about how to beat the boredom with an old relationship.


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Want Even More? Check Out Helen’s Blog, “Stilettos Not Required”